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This book is intended to present a compilation of research that bas incorporated the Islamic philosophical, theoretical, and historical perspective with the concepts, theories, and methods in psychology. While the relationship between Islam, research, and psychology has been studied previously, the effort to incorporate, integrate, and use Islamic resources to examine phenomena related to psychology through rigorous scientific methods has been found to be lacking among Muslim researchers. The present book, therefore, is an attempt to meet this need by incorporating the Islamic perspective in the conduct of research in psychology. It is also an attempt to contextualize Islam in the current efforts in research on psychology so that we can better understand the religion, both as an established way of life and as a model of scientific inquiry. Finally, the remaining chapters are dedicated to the discussion of the conceptual and strategic way forward for research in specific areas of psychology. In doing so, both the rationale and practicalities of incorporating, integrating, and utilizing Islamic resources in research on psychology have been provided.


ISBN : 978-967-491-126-3

Publication Date :

Length : 189 Pages

File Format : PDF

File Size : 44.78 MB

Country : MY

Language : English

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