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The Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) signify a conceptual foundation of Islamic art, architecture and the whole universe of the built environment. They furnish the Muslim built environment professionals, policy makers and users alike with an inspired outlook on life and those issues that are pertinent to the realm of the built environment. They also provide some broad rules of morality and guidelines of proper conduct which may or may not be directly related to art, architecture and built environment. Those principles and teachings account for the core of the Islamic monotheistic (tawhid or God’s Oneness) worldview and ethical system. Indeed, the whole Islamic built environment is a symbiosis between permanence or perpetuity, which is represented by the constant inclinations of the primordial human nature and the heavenly revelation and guidance, and impermanence or transience, which is necessitated and controlled by the vicissitudes of life.


ISBN : 978-967-491-138-6

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Length : 206 Pages

File Format : PDF

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Country : MY

Language : English

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