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Islam in the Malay World has been developed by a number of classical intellectuals, among them al-Falimbani. Abd. al-Samad al- Falimbani is an eighteenth century Muslim Scholar from Palembang, located in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Through the examination of his unpublished manuscript and published works, this book explores al-Falimbani's biography, his various scholarly contributions, Sufi orientation as well as the intellectual developments of the Malay Archipelago. It uncovers evidence of al-Falimbani's great erudition in the major Islamic sciences by tracing his early education, the developments of his intellectual maturity and the influence of various well-known scholars who shared their expertise with him. This book represents the first product of research which utilizes a wide range of data and classical sources relating to al-Falimbani, including manuscripts, Jawi books, Arabic biographical dictionaries and many others.


ISBN : 978-967-491-125-6

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Length : 418 Pages

File Format : PDF

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Country : MY

Language : English

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