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Two men are found murdered, execution-style, in a Sentul house. The first impression by the police is that the double murder is related to illegal narcotics, but then why was a stash of drugs in the house untouched? Another mystery: Why were generous anonymous donations made to charitable causes after the killings? In navigating the case, Inspector Mislan Latif and Detective Sergeant Johan Kamaruddin of Special Investigations (D9) face an unprecedented hurdle: the imposition of the nationwide Movement Con-trol Order (MCO). Pursuing their leads in spite of these new restrictions, the investigators come into contact with members of the underworld and the refugee community, before realizing that the real culprits might be closer than they think…


ISBN : 9789672328407

Publication Date :

File Format : ePub

Country : MY

Language : Bahasa Melayu

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