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The primary aim of this book is to provide guidance and directions to undergraduates, postgraduates, imaging practitioners, multi-disciplinary academicians and researchers, in matters related to research in Biomedical imaging. The book highlights the following aspects: • Basics in doing research. This introduces the What, Why, When, Who, Where and How in conducting research especially to those who wish to start on research. • Research initiatives involving imaging modalities; Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound, Computerised Tomography, Radionuclide imaging and their sub-modalities. Those researches relate to the domains of disease detection and treatment, Patientcare, Procedures, Quality, Safety, Economics and Education. These researches depict the impact of advancements in imaging technologies on those domains and project the role of imaging in the present healthcare scenario. • Specialised researches involving Biomarkers imaging, Functional imaging, Molecular / Cellular imaging, Spectroscopic imaging, Radiomics and Radio genomics. These dynamic researches enhance disease detection capabilities, characterisation and understanding cellular function in diseased state, as well as in risk assessment. • Image processing and diagnostics using 3D and 4D technologies, Computer Aided Detection Diagnosis (CAD), use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). These technologies are used to complement and support the specialised researches above.


ISBN : 978-967-491-236-9

Publication Date :

Length : 420 Pages

File Format : PDF

File Size : 62.26 MB

Country : MY

Language : Bahasa Melayu

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