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The purpose of this work is to argue for the inclusion of doing philosophy into the curriculum of Islamic education using the method of deductive logic. The premises are that “philosophy enhances good thinking” and “good thinking is valuable”, therefore the conclusion, “philosophy is valuable.” The book consists of seven chapters. Chapter one delineates the background and the context of the problem. It raises the awareness of readers to one of the malaises of the ummah which is the sickness or crisis of the Muslim minds. This crisis has caused intellectual stagnation in the Muslim world which forced Muslims to seek refuge in their past glory or to blindly imitate Western methodology. Thus, in the Muslim world minds have emerged to be manifested by fatalistic, rigid, narrow, superficial, and utilitarian thinking which, in turn is incapable of distinguishing truth from falsehood. The chapter also examines literatures by Muslim scholars to shape Muslim minds through philosophy which brings about the problem of philosophy in the Muslim world.


ISBN : 978-967-491-117-1

Publication Date :

Length : 229 Pages

File Format : PDF

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Country : MY

Language : English

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